Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Business - Understanding Film Making


The Premiere

A high profile, star-studded premiere is used to launch the film to the public with an explosion of media coverage.

Fame really helps to sell films. Movie stars have loyal fans who watch what they are in regardless. Certain actors can guarantee that a film will be successful and they can open a film and it will blow up in the first week, just because of their name.

"Star Power" can extend beyond actors as well, directors are major and can attract an audience to the film. Writer-directors are the most common "behind the camera" and are hugely respected by the public.

UK Cinemas

British public tend to visit the cinema less than Americans but cinema's remain the most important market for any film, because success at the box office can guarantee increased revenues.
Major films with a mass appeal are played by large, county-wide exhibitors, whilst smaller films can benefit from the network of local and specialist cinemas across the UK. Cinemas ensure that even films with a very niche market can create a profit. As an example, foreign language films usually open in less screens but thanks to the likes of Hindi movies, they account for more than a third of all films released in the UK.